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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How To Choose The Best Men Skin Care Products

Hai for all T-readers, we are meet again, still with me Fajaruddin Shiddiq. today, i'm going to share about men's problem. Beauty skin care is vital to everyone, regardless your age, and also gender. There are a lot of men do always neglect their skin care regimen, they think that beauty skin care is just exclusively for women. In fact, beauty skin care is also important to keep a man with good appearance, and always stay young.

When comes to man’s skin care products, you must understand and know what is the best skin care products that suit for your natural skin type, and also your life style. However, there are some skin care information as stated below for you as your guidelines when buying a man’s skin care series for yourself.

1. Mind Your Skin Problems
If you experience any skin disorders like acne, dryness, reddish, irritation, eczema or other skin problems, you are advised to look for skin care products that are specially formulated ingredients to cure or prevent your skin problems.
Other than that, you can consider skin care products that contain witch hazel as a substance to protect your skin after shaving. Witch hazel assists to soothe irritation that caused after shaving. It is vital to protect your skin, especially if your skin is sensitive skin type.
2. Always Protect Your Skin
Do not always think that your skin layer is thick enough and there is unnecessary to take care of your skin, because you are a man. Man’s skin still needs protection from hamful exposures like sun, wind with dirt, heat and also extreme cold weather conditions. Generally, man’s skin care products should always provide the protection from free radicals, and ultro-violet due to the excessive sun exposure. You are advised to seek for men skin care products that contain vitamin B-5 and coenzyme Q10.
Other than that, you have to ensure your skin is always getting hydrated. This could be done by applying a thin layer of moisturizer after cleansing, and applying toner on your face. A man skin needs essential oils such as avocado, grapessed, and jojoba oils. This is because these essential oils could provide natural moisture to your skin (but, it is not applicable to those have oily skin type)
3. Skin Disorders – Prevention is Better Than Cure
Please bear in mind that, men skin care products should not be only used when you face any skin disorders. You should start your men skin care regimen while your skin is still ‘looking good’. Men skin care products are vital to repair present damage and prevent any skin problems in the future. For your information, usually men skin care products could always prevent and reduce the signs of fine lines, wrinkles and slowing your aging process.
4. Stay Away from Harmful Ingredients
Yes, you should always read the label, or make your own researches about the men skin care products that you consider to buy. Some men skin care products contain some harmful chemical ingredients such as parabens (as a preservative for the skin care product), fragrances (to make your skin care product smells good), mineral oil (it is one of by-products from petroleum), alcohols, dioxane, and triclosan. Please read more about these information at My Beauty Skin Care, the link is provided at resource box.
Men skin care is essential as well as for a woman. Therefore, before getting started of your skin care regimen, you should always know how to choose the best men skin care product series for yourself, according to your skin type. If you have any serious skin care disorders, you are advised to consult a dermatologist for professional treatments and suggestions.

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