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Saturday, November 20, 2010


Nowadays, money is important thing we should have. There are a few people say that money is a source of our happiness .because Without money, we can not buy anything.And to get it, we must work diligently.but today is very difficult to find a job. Some of them create their own jobs and others find other ways that might be a crime activities. But most of them chose a way that could lead to criminal acts. There are 4 reasons why the money can change a person to commit a crime.

First, this is all because they have low economic level. todayIn Jakarta, we can easily to find the crime, because the level of our economy is severely limited. Lack of jobs for them also make this problem even greater, then they will be difficult to get money.So they find another way to get money, that is like robbing, deceiving, and some have to sell themselves or we call prostitude. This all the result of their economic pressure.

Secondly, they want to earn money with an easier way. Because of the lack of jobs, they will be very difficult to get money. Although they have a job, but their work is not enough to buy some goods of their lives.We as humans would want to buy something like mobile phones, motorcycles, cars and many more.But with their income like this, it would be difficult for them to buy those goods. So some of them tried to take the property of others because to satisfy their own desires. .

The third is the influence of the environment around them. This environment have a big deal on the development of a person's attitude. This Environment is not only the communities around us, but also our friend. For example, I'd want to buy a PSP. With the pocket money given by my parents, is highly imposible that i can buy that goods.Although I have to save to get the money, the time required will be very long.Then our friend incite me to steal money from someone / my parents as soon as possible. so it makes me have a lot of money. Because of that we can buy things we want. Incitement of our friends is the influence of our environment. So, the environment has an important role in this regard.

And the last is, because of the nature of them who are happy to commit crimes. Here What I mean is, that in their family there's genes that are happy to commit crimes. Let me take the example. There are budi's family. His father was a thief, and her mother is an impostor.Their son would later pass on the nature of both of them. Because in the biological sciences, the half nature of the father and mother will drop to their child. There are the wise man said, "the fruit does not fall far from the tree.". That word can help us that our nature reflection of the nature of our parents

the conclusion is, that money could have changed the nature of someone who is of good into evil.That's all they do is just to survive.But they can not always do that, because they can just go to jail. And if they go to jail, no longer seeking money in their family. That's all from me. Thanks for your attention. Have a nice saturday...

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